Client: Doxa
Direction: Linetest
Creative Direction: Hao Chen
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Jamie Yano
Animation: Spencer Blaiklock, Daniel Gutierrez, Thiago Masci
Sound Design: Reid Hendry


We combined live-action, CG, and hand-drawn 2D animation into these exciting and surreal trailers for the 2017 DOXA Film Festival. In honour of this year’s festival highlighting troublemakers, we decided to explore different mundane scenarios that could be disrupted by a troublemaker to make things more interesting. By establishing expectations at the beginning of each video, these are turned on their head when an intervening hand comes to do things its own way.

While there were lots of technical aspects dealt with during production, it was great experimenting with different styles and processes. We’re excited with how these turned out and it was great seeing our work on the big screen ahead of some amazing documentary films!