Client: EVO
Direction: DDB Canada, Linetest
Agency: DDB Canada
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Fer Rivera, Hao Chen
Motion Graphics: Ismael Cosio, Matt Uy, Mark Gilligan

This video series highlights the new car-sharing service from BCAA, designed for those looking for something to fit their BC lifestyle. The series primarily focuses on how to start using and enjoying the convenient service of available hybrid cars. The service’s appealing elements draw attention to those seeking a younger and fresh alternative to other car-sharing programs.

As EVO’s car-sharing service is well designed, easy to use, and convenient, the style of the videos needed to carry out the same clean, minimal, and yet stylish overall aesthetic. Through this, we help to showcase the overall design and feel of the brand and what it stands for. Using just the brand colors and iconic graphics, this style helps the audience focus on the story, while grabbing attention with interesting transitions and animation. As the videos act as “how to” guides, we had to balance the emphasis of the animation with subtle moments, so the viewers can comprehend all the messaging. The overall success was that we helped viewers learn how to “hit the road” with style and ease.