Client: Helix
Direction: Linetest
Creative Direction: Hao Chen, Jack Bonnington, Eric Nakayama
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Eric Nakayama, Suguru Tachikawa
Animation: Jack Bonnington, Thiago Masci, Suguru Tachikawa, Eric Nakayama, Jude Wang


Helix gives users insight into their own DNA, revealing a load of interesting and useful information to those wanting to explore themselves more. Through a few simple steps users can learn about their ancestry, health, nutrition and more!

Gathering DNA information is very involved, so Helix wanted to make sure their users felt comfortable with the process and to have all the necessary knowledge. With this in mind, we created a series of fun and educational animations called DNA 101, which explain the different aspects of DNA sequencing.

These videos were designed to fit the clean, fun, and professional aesthetic of Helix. Through working closely with Helix’s bright and colourful brand, we created a style that was simple to grasp yet very eye-catching. We utilized fun shapes and colours throughout, as well as mixing 3D elements to give an extra pop of excitement. Take a look, maybe you’ll learn a little something about yourself!