Client: Hootsuite
Direction: Linetest
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Hao Chen, Ismael Cosio, Ignacio Osorio, Kirstin Smith
Motion Graphics: Ismael Cosio, Ignacio Osorio, Kirstin Smith
Music: Clark Rhee
Sound: Humberto Corte

This project was our first time collaborating with Hootsuite. It promotes their new Facebook Ads campaign and is inspired by Hootsuite’s UI and icon designs. We applied Hootsuite’s friendly and clean design principles into this video, and carefully animated the icons and pages intuitively. We came up with the idea to bring local businesses into this project as well. This helps the viewer get a better grasp of how their own business would benefit from Hootsuite’s product. For the photo shoot, we approached a bike shop in our neighbourhood, Bikes For All. Working with local businesses made this project extra meaningful because we love collaborating with our community!