Client: SAP
Direction: Linetest
Creative Direction: Hao Chen
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Jamie Yano, Eric Nakayama
Animation: Eric Nakayama, Jack Bonnington, Jude Wang
Sound Design: Reid Hendry
Music: Reid Hendry
SAP’s Lumira tool highlights the advantages of using data visualization to aid in representing the often complex and overwhelming data available to us these days. Our challenge here was to create a story that emphasizes how important visual storytelling is, from the beginning of humanity to our present day.

We used a very illustrative 2D style mixed with some 3D to create the two worlds showcased in this piece. The origin scenes use colours to help highlight the time, whereas the present day scenes are described through bright and chaotic imagery. We had a fantastic time creating the visuals, as well as creating a story that highlights the importance of visual storytelling – which we happen to love!