Client: SGS Co.
Agency: 123w
Direction: Linetest
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Eric Nakayama, Jamie Yano
Animation: Masahiro Otani, Eric Nakayama

SGS Co is a global collective of companies that helps brands stand out and communicate with their customers. We collaborated with 123w to develop a compelling visual story that describes SGS’s dedication to their work, their high quality focus that they put on packaging.

SGS Co believes that the package is the most important element at the moment of purchase, because it can influence a customer’s opinion and decision when it matters most. We individuated the key elements of SGS Co’s mission, and clearly conveyed them by utilizing appropriate visuals, story, sound and timing. Through this we showed the exciting and detailed process that the package takes from ideation to purchase, and how SGS Co’s mastery in the field guides this grand journey.