Client: Strategic Milk Alliance
Direction: Linetest
Agency: Shopper DDB
Producer: Natalie Parolin
Design: Mark Lee
Motion Graphics: Mark Lee
Music: Lullatone

The Strategic Milk Alliance wanted to develop a video to remind us about our favourite milk moments. Together with Shopper DDB, we created a fun, lighthearted animated case study that showcases the process and success of this campaign.

This case study had to speak to a lot of information, facts and results surrounding the campaign. In order to relay all this information to the viewers, we wanted to highlight the important messages in entertaining and compelling ways. We showcased stats, graphs, and in-store elements, while describing different effects used throughout the campaign. When describing effects such as “priming”, for example, we showed this complex concept through understandable motion graphics, making the viewing experience and digestion of information enjoyable for all viewers.