Client: Trulia
Direction: Linetest
Producer: Natalie Parolin, Bernie Yao
Copywriter: Hao Chen, Clara Kumagai
DOP: Liam Mitchell
Camera Assistant: Colin Morrison
Design: Mark Lee, Mark Gilligan
Motion Graphics: Mark Lee, Mark Gilligan
Make up: Min–Jee Mowat
Sound: Nate Evans, Clark Rhee

Trulia One is an app that gives real estate agents a single platform for managing, engaging and converting their leads all in one place, so they can use their time efficiently.

We collaborated with Trulia to show how their app can make an agent’s life easier. The goal was to communicate the core benefits of a very multifaceted app in a simplified way. We chose to use mainly live footage for this ad so that real estate agents would find it realistic and relate to it. The motion graphics helped bring the ad to life while relaying concepts to the viewer in a straightforward manner.