Windset Farms’ mission has been to deliver fresh and healthy produce to consumers for more than a decade, by using technologically advanced methods to preserve the nutrients of the produce while protecting the environment. We were really excited to take on this project with them to assist in showcasing their culture, goals, and brand.

What made this project even more exciting were the techniques and methods we used to create it. Jamie, our illustrator, along with Eric and Jack, our animators, go into more detail about what they learned and enjoyed most while creating this memorable project. We hope you enjoy their insight!

What excited you about this project?

Jack: I thought that a very fun aspect of this project came in bringing some really lush, digital paintings to life. It was great to be working in such a painterly style, closer to a short film than a traditional motion graphics piece.

Jamie: I was excited to try out a new style that we were not as familiar with. Many of our past projects have utilized a vector-based style, so being able to experiment with a more illustration based style was exciting for me. We take a lot of inspiration from more 2D illustrated pieces, so to be able to tackle one of our own was very satisfying. I enjoyed working on the initial style frames throughout the project, but it wasn’t until I saw the prototype that our animator Eric had put together, that our piece really started to come to life.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-11-38-12-am  screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-11-54-35-am

Eric: The first thing that we did was to focus on creating a beautiful illustration style. It was a lot of fun to see all these pieces coming to life through animation, even the smallest elements in a scene. If you look closely you can see that the fish jump and the insects move.

Did you learn anything new? 

Jack: Visiting Windset’s facility was definitely a highlight and very helpful for getting a better ‘feel’ for Windset Farms’ culture and identity. I was blown away by the size of their greenhouses, their attention to detail, and expertise. 


Jamie: Since this was one of our first projects using an illustration based style, there was a lot of new things to learn. For myself, it was more about learning how to structure the files in such a way where the animators could work with them easily. I must say that it wasn’t all easy but I learned a lot and look forward to working on more projects that are similar to this one, so we can continue to grow with this style.

Eric: The process of inserting illustration into a film-like video can be an intricate process, and there is always something new to learn. Windset Farms was a great opportunity to refine this technique, together with being able to mix 2D traditional animation with 3D.

What is it that you most enjoyed doing?

Jack: Building the animatic at the beginning of the project was a fun process. Considering how to tell the story, and establishing the pace and tone was something that we spent a lot of time on. Conversely, the final stages were also enjoyable: this is where we got to add the finishing touches that really make the video sing.


Jamie: For me, I really enjoyed working on the first pan (image above). I feel that it is one of my favourite illustrations. I also really enjoyed working together with my team on this, especially Kristina, our wonderful Intern at the time. It was nice having another illustrator around to bounce ideas off of, in a room full of animators.

Eric: I really enjoyed animating the assets that our illustrator, Jamie, prepared. Putting them in motion was a very rewarding process and we are really happy to share the final project with everyone.